Make Extra Money!

Would you like to make some extra money?

Our goal at is to offer the largest selection of magnets on the planet. We are looking for artists, photographers and graphic artists to sell their work, as magnets, through our website.

Here are the basics…

You submit your work via e-mail

We post it for sale on (We also sell on other e-commerce sites and at live events.)

We do all the work… posting, marketing, production, sales and shipping.

We pay you $1.25 for every magnet that sells featuring your image/design/art.

Payments are made monthly via Paypal. No minimum sales are required for payment.

You will get a brief bio on our contributor’s page which can include links to your website(s).

We respect your copyright. Your images remain your property. Your name and copyright will be printed on the back edge of each magnet sold.

Here’s how to get started…

Send us an e-mail to describing yourself and your work. Please include one or two samples of your best work. We will respond within 48 hours. If we select you to be a contributor, we will e-mail you a consignor’s agreement, which should be completed, signed and e-mailed back to us within 48 hours.


E-mail us a minimum of 3 photos, graphic designs or hi-res scans of your art.  We ask that you include a title and a basic description, if applicable. Please send as a .jpg file in 200 or higher dpi.  (Keep in mind that the magnets are rectangle in shape.) All submissions MUST be your original work.  You MUST have signed model/property releases if applicable. NO nudity.


Additional submissions can be made at any time with a maximum of 10 photos,  graphic designs or hi-res scans of your art each time.